Bucky wants a header like a newspaper headline over each image, and they should be lined up in a single column, even for desktops.

I am using the Red Horns that flash and blink and the halo as a test to see which they prefer.  They have to choose.

I like the image of the lady in the halo. The horns don’t have an image of a person wearing them.

I will create the form for us, just leave an blank section where you want the forms

You may WANT to get into trouble!

We did a pre-flight!

LuvNVegasCurious troublemakers take a Saturday to checkout Planet Hollywood. Here’s what we found!

Link to register with Love N Books


This is the link to the official page with links to register at Planet Hollywood.  It gets you a special rate and helps them track attendance so the organizers can plan accordingly


We had a little trouble which is detailed in the next section. If you’re ready to register hit the button below!

See you soon!


Room Summary says Oct 23 to 27 which is wrong. The event is October 25-27, 2019: two nights.

Room Summary says Oct 23 to 27 which is wrong.We had to modify our reservation. Luckily there is a button right at the top! If you look at "Dates" we were registered for only one night (Aaagh!), but it was very easy to modify it. Yay!

The first event! Friday Night!

“London Club is on the Mezzanine Level. Exit South Elevators and look to your left.

Look for a big room full of stone columns!


Friday night, October 25, 2019.

“Evening starts in the London Club at Planet Hollywood. Cocktail hour from 5pm to 6pm. Dinner will be out buffet-style from 6pm-8pm where dinner is served. Cash bar available (important note, cash bars for ALL LNV events are cheaper than any bar in the hotel). Break the ice and meet your favorite authors, celebrities and colleagues.”

The conference rooms are on Mezzanine Level also, across from the London Club.