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See you soon!

We will be at LovenVegas in October!

GQ and Jenna, Narrators

Bringing you exclusively Duet performances in all four books from the Savages and Saints series by C.M. Seabrook. We are a married couple who loves all things Romance!

I want Torment!

Click here if you want to listen and share Torment by C.M. Seabrook. You can win the book simply by sharing it, and you can win an Autographed bookplate signed by both Narrators and C.M. Seabrook.

Gravity next!

Next in the series Gravity, will be available for you to share soon. We will send you an email when it’s open.

Salvage will open soon!

You’ll want to hear Salvage and Beast, so we will have them up for you to share in the next few days!

We are unleashing the Beast!

Beast has been in Audible quality review for a while, so we think it will release this week! Soon as it does, we will make sharing available!