Life After eBooks

If you are writing kindle books you are fighting a hopeless battle in a shrinking market. You’re in a blood red pool of sharks were fewer and fewer people shop every day, where new Authors are not discovered because fierce competition from established creators holds you back. The odds of leaping out in front in print get worse and worse everyday.
The customers are leaving, and they are being encouraged to do it because there’s more money in Audiobooks. But there is good news… no Fantastic news. There’s more money not just for the tech giants, there’s more money for you too!
While new technology is quietly destroying the book and ebook markets, another segment is growing fast. And Amazon is paying big to make sure that happens.
Here’s one reason why: Think about this: People may read two or three books a week, so that’s all they buy. Listeners often listen to two books a DAY! because they can do it while driving, mopping, painting, mowing lawns!

Audiobook are addicting

No wonder listener groups use titles like Aural Addiction, Aural Fixation, Audiobook Addicts! They’re not exaggerating! It’s a drug. A healthy drug because there is no side effect but the good feeling from reading without having to read! And it’s lots cheaper than real drugs. In a nutshell, Audiobooks are healing people who would otherwise live with stress and anxiety.

Listen anytime, anywhere

When asked what they like about Audiobooks many people say they like to be read to, they like the characters to come to life but the single most common answer is: I can listen while I do other things!
Now I’m a reader, always have been. There is nothing like a great book. You really don’t want it to end! I feel that, I know that experience. That’s why I love readers and Authors. We share a common interest. But when you read, can you mow a lawn or drive a car?

It’s because we all have our smart phone with us at all times, and we have smart cars and smart devices and all we have to do is say “Hey Alexa, play my book for me.” Or, and this is important, if it’s a romantic or erotic book, you can use earphones and keep what you’re listening to anonymous.

ARCs - Audible, Review, Codes

When you give away books with kindle you can get new readers. They can become regular readers and that’s great. But you don’t get paid anything. At Audible, you can give away audiobooks AND get paid the same as if the listener bought the book. This is part of the reason it’s growing so fast! Amazon is paying you to grow it! They are doing that because people buy more audio versions that ebook versions.
Anyone ignoring this is betting on the past, and it’s changing.

Not only does Amazon pay you to give away Audiobooks, they have improving the program and increasing the amounts. Last year I had to ask Audible for codes and wait for an email. Today I have an interface where I can get them without asking, and get this, they just DOUBLED the number of codes we get to give away.

Amazon is in this big. Audiobooks are the future.

Buyers still want your books, AND the Audio

But there is MORE good news. You can still write, you SHOULD still write, but what you have to change is that your library needs to be converted to Audio as soon as you can. You’ll make more money from BOTH your written and Audio versions.

Many readers buy BOTH and written and audio versions and then switch between them. They will read until it’s time to drive somewhere, get in the car and pick up the same book in Audio and the book will automatically bookmark where they were when they stopped reading and pick it up in that same spot.

Now even a 10 dollar book makes you a little over $3 depending on how they buy it. There are at least three ways to buy audiobooks and your royalty is slightly different with each one. With cash ala cartel you earn the most. With an Audible credit (listeners each get two credits a month, used to be one). Audible member buying your book but not with a credit, which is slightly less than a cash buyer because they pay a bit less as an Audible member.
So if you use my strategy for awarding review codes they will disappear in just a few days, sometimes hours, earning you hundreds of dollars right out of the gate! Before you’ve had the book out for even one month you can be turning a profit on it!