Sisters Spotlight Has allowed us to test automated code delivery.

You may have gotten an email like the one on the left. Click on the black button to get your code.

Eventually all of our review codes, contests and swag offers will be automated and you’ll be able to share the offers to your friends and in groups.

We want you to have codes and get fun swag but the process is sloppy and actually unfair to listeners. We forget, lose track, all sorts of stuff goes wrong. So, this isn’t perfect, but Gunnar can’t stand another minute, we are going Automatic!

We have had to automate our code deliveries for Gunnar’s sanity! We’re hoping it goes smooth!

Fat chance right? So if you’re looking for answers, we don’t have ’em!

We had to try it to see how we could do better!

Send any comments to

Currently I have to go get the codes one at a time

Each code is tracked, and copied one at a time. It’s slow and sloppy.

Now you get a link you can share in Facebook groups.

When you share that code you give people a shot at winning a code with you!