Aldric is a sexy and dark romance with hot sex scenes and light BDSM. He is a dominant, alpha male who is king of Avalere where Carina is sent as a spy. She is taken by Aldric as his mate and their journey begins, and what a journey it is! Moving on to the next book IDAN.

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 Sexy story with fabulous narration 

If you’re looking for a hot, exciting and enjoyable Sci-Fi romance then you can’t beat Jane Henry’s imaginative world. Her vivid worldbuilding skills are awesome as she paints fictional worlds, hot Alpha Warriors and the feisty women they claim. The narration was fabulous and I love having both male and female narrators.

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 The Best Sci-Fi romance ever!!! 

This was an amazing story. Idan is well written, captivating and full of suspense. The Sci-fi is not overwhelming. It was so easy to get lost in the story and truly have it come alive. This is a stand a alone in the series, but the tie ins to Aldric were perfect. I listened to this one first and I was not disappointed.

Idan and Svali are not a match made in heaven, but in the end, love wins. Svali tricks Idan into picking her for a mate and he falls for it. They have a rough start as Idan works through all of her lies. But when trouble comes about, they stand by each other and form a strong, romantic bond. It was fun to listen to a story that had a struggle to begin with.

Jeffrey and Ali Peterson were the perfect narrators for this story. Ali has a sweet voice and narrated Svali as I imagined. Ali Peterson was able to narrate Svali and her defiance, sorrowful and loving emotions with perfection. It was fun to listen to Ms Peterson’s narration of the female characters. Mr. Peterson’s deep, sultry voice was an amazing Idan. Mr Peterson narrated Idan as I would expect a warrior to sound. He narrated Iran to be dominant but also to have a very forgiving, soft side. Both Ali and Jeffrey Peterson’s narration enhanced the story and truly brought it to life.

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