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Cinco de Mayo!!!!!








We LOVED the Love N Queen Mary shenanigans!

Whoohoo! More fun with our favorite peeps! (YOU!)

We gave away a ton of swag! Just try to stop us swaggin’!

GQ and Jenna

Duet is our specialty. Erotic Romance with action and adventure really turns us on and we LOVE creating living characters for our Authors.

You can listen to us now on the Swag page.  Click on our picture.

We were Sea Otters in another life.

Narrating is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, and we narrate naked, so it’s that much more fun!


You can find us dancing, SCUBA diving, rappelling down canyons or, of course, behind a microphone narrating. Our specialty is “Duet” with Gunnar doing the guys  dialogue and Jenna performing the ladies.

30 Years: Amazing! Seems like a blink!

We married in Zion National Park on May 20, 1989 after a two year whirlwind romance!

Neither side of the family thought we would last 😀

Three kids, thirty years and dozens of Romance audiobooks later we are still crazy in love.

We met out dancing and we both teach and study social dance. Jenna began with Ballet when she was only seven.

We are very social and love to meet Authors, Listeners and fellow Narrators in person! Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

You can email us at:

If it’s urgent you can call 1-800-655-9525