Romance is our religion

GQ & Jenna

All of our Audiobooks are performed entirely in Duet.

Broken Promises

A stand-alone entry in the Whiskey Sweet Series Kelsey Elise Sparrow © 2019 P 2020

For Haven's Sake

Haven has her hands full looking over a pack of wolves in her animal sanctuary, but a surprise visitor has come to help. Nicole Garcia © 2018 P 2020

Nick & Carol Halloween

Nick’s Wicked Wand was completed in October after making cameos in 2019, © 2020 P 2020

Something To Talk About

What happens when something fake gets to be too real and fame gets involved?

Each book in the Friendship, Texas series is a stand-alone.

©2020 Magan Vernon (P)2020 Magan Vernon


A stand-alone entry in the NYC Doms series Jane Henry © 2019 P 2020


With her assailants in hot pursuit, Zoe is forced to seek refuge in Club Verge, where she finds way more than she’s bargained for…  Jane Henry © 2018 P 2020


The engagement may be fake…but the handcuffs? Not so much. Jane Henry © 2018 P 2019


She’s still my everything. My salvation.

And there’s no way I’m letting her go…. Jane Henry © 2018 P 2019


Six years he’s been gone, and then he falls straight into my bed. Literally. And I know my torment is only beginning.  C.M. Seabrook © 2018 P 2018


A gravity so strong I know it could destroy us both if we gave into it. C.M. Seabrook © 2018 P 2018


Love doesn’t hurt. Expectations do. C.M. Seabrook © 2018 P 2019


I’m irreparably broken. And my love for her won’t just burn her this time, it could destroy us both. C.M. Seabrook © 2019 P 2019

Duet is different…

When two people dance, or flirt, or make love there’s a back and forth, give and take. It takes time, and it’s a lot more work in the studio and in post production. Duet is all we do because we care, and we love the art, the passion, the emotion. That… and we are certifiably insane.

When we do a series we stick to it…

You won’t have to get accustomed to another voice,  if you like the first book can rest assured that you’ll have those very same friends ( and enemies! ) back again to thrill you!


Recent Work

New projects

  • Something To Talk About by Magan Vernon
  • For Haven’s Sake by Nicole Garcia
  • The Cowboy and the Cabin by Gunnar Qualen

Testimonials, Endorsements, Comments, & stuff.

They are so fun to work with that you forget you’re working! Amazing narrators and I love that they perform in Duet!

Nicole Garcia

New York Times Bestselling Author

GQ & Jenna do the most amazing “Live” events with our group! They are so good at what they do, always a hit with our large and growing Facebook Group!

Tammy & Pamela

Shenanigan managers, Sister's Spotlight

I was instrumental in Jenna and Gunnar’s career. They began narrating books for me and they had a lot to learn. When they were ready to stop narrating and go back to stripping and dealing drugs I encouraged them to stick with it, that they would get better, eventually, and they are still narrating to this day, and I am very, very sorry.
Jane Henry

Author, Best Selling Author of the Bratva Series, NYC Doms, Beauty's Daddy and many more...

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